Build Stuff Workshops

The Build-Stuff Workshops are for young men and women with social and communication challenges. We focus on craft/artistic miniature or other creations that involve manual construction. Assistance is provided to scope, plan, complete and effectively communicate individual projects.

Over the course of 11 classes each participant will create a detailed design, a project budget, and a production schedule. In the context of their projects, we will explore and practice communication skills – written, spoken, photography, video – that will be applicable to the work place.

These are small, closed groups. Each member will choose his/her own project, subject matter and style. Group members will be encouraged to share their talents and skills to help each other succeed.

Workshop facilities and power tools will be provided. Students may have to purchase any specialized tools and materials their projects require. We will provide shopping assistance and those items would be the student’s to keep.

After students have a few projects under their belts we start assigning more complex tasks and gently including team work as part of the projects. Additionally, we maintain some large background projects (small sail boats, huge model airplanes, huge models a.k.a. Bigatures) that students may contribute time to during the obligatory glue/paint drying times on other projects.

Past Projects:

Steven’s Factory on a Cloud
Nick’s Model Train Layout
Devon’s Portable Theater
Sarah’s Dreamscape