BMX bike from The Recyclery

| September 2, 2012


Dear Recyclery staff – Thank you for donating the used BMX bike to Autistry Studios.

I will be restoring the bike so that it looks nearly new.

The Final Robot’s Program

| August 26, 2012

How was the roverbot able to maneuver so well? That had to do with the program it possessed. The way Jack programed the roverbot was by making it go left when  bright until it found dark, then turn left briefly. Then test if it sees dark again. Turn right when not dark repeating the process until the run button was pressed.

The Final Roverbot

| August 19, 2012

Through out my sessions constructing and programing the robot, Jack and I have been trying to make the robot follow a black line. Today, I finally got that to work by reconstructing the wheel frame. Last session, Jack and I got the right program to make the robot follow the black line, but the robot did not follow the program efficiently. The new wheel design got the program to work efficiently. From there, the robot was able to properly follow the black line.

The Light Sensor Robot

| August 12, 2012

Today and in the past two sessions, I modified the robot quite a bit. First, I replaced the previous wheels with larger ones. After that, I geared the drive wheels so they would run slower then the motor. Finally, I replaced bumpers with a light censer and the support wheels with a pivot wheel.
I have been programing the robot to find a dark spot and eventually, follow a black line. I have only been able to program the robot to stop at a black line after turning around, and move from side to side along a black line.

Drilling a new base.

| July 29, 2012

Today we drilled a new base for the arduino robot. We drilled holes into the places that would be where screws would go into with a drill press. I traced to hole where it needed to be drilled. I used three different drill bits. Next time we will be working on screwing the base on the the original base.

Ryan’s Lego RCX robot

| July 10, 2012

From my previous modifications to the “whiskered robot” Dan and I tested my setup compared to the “double bumper” set up from the RCX manual. The tests concluded the “double bumper” to be more reliable when it bumped into an object.

Next, Dan and I tested the robot in a test area that had two walls and two openings. The robot could not escape the box. The problem was that the robot would turn towards the wall instead of away from the wall.

To fix this, we changed the wiring of the censers by swapping the right censer for left censer, and vice versa. This configuration worked. This made us think that we had made a left right mistake in the program. But when we checked the program, the program was correct. Then we understood the problem. The wires to the wheels were incorrect. Once we fixed the motor connections the robot performed as expected.

Sensor Time

| July 8, 2012

I connected an infrared sensor to the Arduino robot that I’ve been working with. When the infrared beam hits an object, it sends a signal to the receiver which tells the red light on the back to blink and we programmed the Arduino to respond to that signal. Next we will use this sensor to measure distance.

Robot on treadmill

| July 1, 2012

I programmed the arduino robot to go forward. I used the commands:


this tells each of the wheels to turn in the correct direction at full speed.

I put it on the treadmill in the workshop on the lowest setting possible, and let it go.
The speed the wheels were going weren’t fast enough to stay in one place on the treadmill, or even to go forward.

My first robotics project

| June 24, 2012

I’m extremely excited about RC CARS and Airplanes. Boats too.

I am building an airplane today. The airplane has a motor and wings and also a tall fin, rudder, and a propeller that makes the airplane fly. It also has a battery.

First programming of Boe-Bot

| June 21, 2012

I took a previously built robot, and connected LEDs to it. I then programmed it to blink the LEDs on and off.

We plan to do more programming and making the robot do more movements or other actions.