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Sketch Model of Race Track

Sketch Model of Race Track

Preparing for the Faire! This has been an amazing journey creating the Cardboard Carnival. It began in the spring when we met with Josh, Mike, and Jesse of the Cardboard Institute of Technology. We sat in the middle of the studio and kicked around ideas. Dan drew a sketch of a strange racetrack with bowls at the end for the cars to turn around. We laughed at how absurd and yet cool the design was. We soon realized that our busy schedules would make it nearly impossible to work on the Faire together but the racetrack design, the concept of cardboard, and the passion to create a unique event that would be fun for young kids, teenagers, parents, and grandparents stayed with us.

Dan and the students built the crazy race track. And it looks just like the model. We spent a long couple of days putting it all together. But you can watch it happen in just a 90 seconds:

And it works. Here is a short video of Dan testing the track:

Audrey 2

Audrey 2

Last year’s Haunted Hospital designed by Sara Gardner was one of the most popular activities at the Autistry Faire: Steampunk Halloween (second only to Dunking Dan!). The students enjoyed acting in the wonderfully funny and scary drama Sara wrote.

This year with the theme of cardboard and cars, Sara has created The Little Auto Shop of Horrors – a short interactive play featuring Audrey 2 and a guest appearance from the crazy dentist. And a big thank you to our neighbors at Cain Tires and Lawrence Automotive for all the props. This is a fabulous piece of theatrical fun but watch out for that man-eating plant!


Beso Negro

Beso Negro

We are closing off Duffy Place in front of the studio so this will be a block party as well as a carnival. Under the big tent, Beso Negro, the Gypsy Swing band will perform. This is a rare opportunity for the whole family to experience this very popular band.

The Faire will also feature the amazing local band, Marble Party. This will be one of their first appearances after a long time locked behind the recording studio doors! They have emerged with a great new CD.

The staff, students, and families of Autistry have created fun and fabulous games of chance and skill that will entertain the whole family. Please join us and support this ever-growing community.

Sunday, October 27th
Noon – 4pm
37 Duffy Place, San Rafael

Tickets available online:

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