Autistry Newsletter – February 25, 2013

Posted By on February 25, 2013

This new year has been moving so fast we haven’t had time to get a newsletter out. There is so much to say and so many things that keep happening that if we don’t write this up now our next newsletter would keep you scrolling for days.

Picture 044For those of you have not heard Dan speak about his experience living with Asperger’s, having a son with Autism, and creating Autistry Studios you will not want to miss the College Internship Program event: Understanding Your Diagnosis on March 14th. Dan will be speaking along with Michael McManmon, founder of CIP and Barbara Large, Berkeley CIP Clinician. More information can be found on the CIP website

Alex on the band sawThe Autistry School Partnership Program has really taken off. We are currently working with students from Star Academy and Oak Hill School. Each student is creating a unique project in the studio and we are all excited about these very cool creations. We plan to expand the program next year adding more workshops, more students, and more fun!

Matthias Wandel's counterEvery day at Autistry we discover new ways to use the ShopBot. This incredible piece of equipment has made many new projects possible. We are now making complex wooden mechanical counters based on the designs of Matthias Wandel. Matthias has graciously given us permission to build and sell these unique counters. Look for purchasing information later this spring!

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Janet is the Executive Director and co-founder of Autistry Studios (also known as SuperMom). She co-leads many of the workshops, counsels individuals and groups, supervises MFT interns, makes brownies, sews costumes, edits video projects, builds websites, and mops the floor.