Ian’s Kung Jung Mul Sul Dojang

Posted By on August 23, 2010

Our son Ian became interested in martial arts a couple years ago and at the beginning of this year we enrolled him in Kung Jung Mul Sul (Korean royal court martial arts, related to Tae Kwon Do) classes nearby. As a project, Ian wanted to build a diorama of his Dojang (Korean counterpart to a Japanese dojo).

Ian's Tae Kwon Do studio

There were two main threads of construction for this project: the figures of the fighters and the building itself.

For the building Ian wanted to base his work on the dojo used in the training scenes of The Matrix.




We built a wooden box and Ian and AJ made detailed walls which were mounted inside.

Ian and AJ

The figures were made out of polymer clay over a copper wire armature. I soldered up armatures while Ian and AJ prepared clay to build up the figures.

Ian and AJ

Copper People

Don't Dremel AJ's Nails!

Dremeling the Copper Guys

AJ and Ian Make Figures

Meanwhile, back at the dojang, Ian built up the walls out of styrene and balsa wood.

Ian Painting the Dojo Walls

The figures came out great.

Tae Kwon Do

Tae Kwon Do

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