Elf World!

Posted By on August 20, 2010

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One day Sarah was working on making figures for the first time using polymer clay. Breton decided to try making figures too as they were following along in a book. Breton’s first foray into polymer sculpture was The Elf.

Breton's elf

Having made an elf, Breton wanted to make a small world for him. He decided the elf was a lawyer who lived in the woods. He quickly came up with this concept sketch.


And he started working on this design for a diorama.

Breton Weaves the Elf World Foundation

Breton Builds a Tree

The Last Bit of Weaving

An Elf in His World

Breton Brushes on the Mud

As the project grew we needed a quick oven to fit the entire project into. What we came up with is a glorified easy-bake oven with four 200 watt bulbs.

Breton Warms Hands in Oven

Elf World - Baked

Holding Up the Roots

Elf World

Light in the Treehouse


The Elf Tree

Elf in Contemplation

Elf World

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Picture 031

Picture 032

Picture 033

Picture 034

Picture 035

I know Breton was pretty sick of working on it by the end but all his hard work has created a really beautiful project.

Picture 004

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