Autistry Studios Newsletter – May 17, 2010

| May 18, 2010

Michael, Christine, Dan and Janet

Michael, Christine, Dan and Janet

The first Autistry Studios fundraiser was a huge success. We raised over $6000 for our Opportunity Fund which will help us provide services in this difficult economic time. Huge THANK YOU to Michael and Christine Lopez, owners of the Body Image Personal Fitness Center for donating their gym for an entire day! And another huge THANK YOU to Tom and Laura McCarty for hosting a marvelous backyard BBQ after the Spin. Tom is a master grill-sergeant and James pours a mean Italian Soda. We all had such a great time that we are planning the Fall Spin-a-Thon in October – we’ll keep you posted.

Autistry Studios staff has been invited to present Supporting ASD Youth in Transition: The Autistry Studios Model at Michelle Garcia Winner’s Social Thinking Providers Conference on Saturday June 26th.

The Winter/Spring workshop sessions are winding down and most projects are either being completed or coming to a good place to pause. We will be meeting informally a few times this summer to stay in touch. The Fall 2010 workshops will begin in early August. We are actively looking for a new space and have found several great possibilities so we may be spending the summer creating a new home for Autistry Studios.

Picture 007Friday College Support and Build Stuff with Dan: Ian G. joined our group and is working on a small diorama based on War Hammer figures. Kris discovered the joys of working with epoxy putty and created details for his tank. Sarah is making a costume for the Fanime Convention later this month. Ross is studying for his finals and programming his robot. Corey made a list of “must-see” films that he will watch and blog about this summer.

Picture 035Saturday Film Stuff with Nate: Owen animated Ketinga the Cat and will drew several new pictures for his short 2D animation project. Devon and Steven are now on the same page, in the same program with their characters talking to each other – no small feat. Andrew raised the walls on his roadside Rush diner and will be putting the shingles on the roof next week.

Picture 060Sunday Build Stuff with Dan: Daniel S. joined the Sunday group and he is making a fabulous piece of chest armor. He is prototyping it using sheet plastic with plans to use fiberglass for the finished project.  Sawyer poured concrete to reinforce the walls of his fort and added some fierce looking spikes. Ryan is making several cool buildings for his train layout. Ian put belts on his Kung Fu fighters and his dojo is nearly done!

Janet and RinnyTuesday Build Stuff with Dan: Breton is doing all the little details that make Elf World so wonderful – the brass door hinges, the flickering light in the tree house, the exterior finishing. Erik laid the track for his historic Sausalito train station. Rinny is mastering Vegas Pro, the video editing software, as she creates her complex stop action promotion film for Sweet Wishes From Oz.