Posted By on October 18, 2009

pamelasbrowniesPeople are always asking about the brownies that we serve here at Autistry Studios. They couldn’t be any easier to make!

Here is my secret: I use Pamela’s Wheat Free, Gluten Free Chocolate Brownie Mix. There are several recipes on the package. I use the the Original Oil Recipe.

But, and here is the secret: I substitute 1/4 cup of applesauce for the 1/4 cup of water. Everything else I leave the same.

The other trick with these brownies is to not overcook them. In my small convection oven it takes 11 minutes to bake a 8″ square pan of brownies.

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Janet is the Executive Director and co-founder of Autistry Studios (also known as SuperMom). She co-leads many of the workshops, counsels individuals and groups, supervises MFT interns, makes brownies, sews costumes, edits video projects, builds websites, and mops the floor.


2 Responses to “Brownies”

  1. Janet and I call these “fighting brownies” because we used to eat a whole batch by ourselves and end up in a chocolate+sugar induced fit.

  2. Beth says:

    I am not only glad to have read today’s post, I am also THRILLED to read the brownie recipe. I’ve seen this brand but didn’t know if it was a goodie. Sounds like a double goodie using the applesauce.